Description of Items

New white knitted cloth is made from scrap fabric from manufacturers of underwear, etc.

The fabric is 100% cotton, so it is soft, absorbent and easy to use.

There are various sizes of fabrics, so the large size is a single piece and is a one-size-fits-all waste cloth.といいます。

小さい生地はクリウエスとして。又、数枚を縫い合わせて加工致しました縫い合わせウ エス(ステッチ)が


少々、高級になりますとメリヤス生地原反を規格サイズにカット致しました定形サイズウエス等が ります。



New white knitted cloth (100% cotton) 1 kg Unit price

M-45 One-size-fits-all waste cloth 30 cm x 40 cm to 30 cm x 50 cm

NMX-4S Sewing waste 25cm x 30cm-30cm x 40cm

KIZ-08 Standard size 40cm x 40cm40cm×45cm)

KS-25 Clieus Approximately 20 cm x 20 cm

NK-3W 重ね縫い   28cm×28cm

# 5 kg Pack is the standard pack, but we also accept orders for 2 kg packs.

# Shipping does not cost more than 100 kg.

# We also accept consultations on buying a large number of containers.

New Fabric White Knitted Cloth One Size Fits All

Symbol M-45

Use: Features

Since it is a new fabric, all the usage characteristics are the same.

The size is not constant unlike the standard waste cloth. 100% cotton.

Size 30 cm X 40 cm to 30 cm X 50 cm

5 KG Pack

Sales price 1,975 yen (excluding tax) 1 kg 395 yen

New Fabric White Knitted Fabric Sewn Waste

[Symbol NMX-4S]

Use: Features

All the uses are the same, but the feature is a waste cloth finished by sewing small pieces of fabric that come out when cutting. It has a voluminous feel and is ideal for wiping work.

It has a very good reputation because it is cheap in terms of cost. (Meter reading completed)

Size 30 cm X 40 cm to 30 cm X 50 cm

5 KG Pack

Selling price 1,500 yen (excluding tax) 1 kg 300 yen


New Fabric White Knitted Cloth Standard Size

Symbol KIZ-08 ]

Use: Features

Unlike used clothing and used clothing, fraying, impurities, etc.

Suitable for various work because it is not mixed and has no unevenness. Since it is a standard size cut product, it is one by one.

Since it can be used, it also reduces costs. 100% cotton.

Size 40cm x 40cm

5 kg  パック

Selling price 2,600 yen (excluding tax) 1 kg 520 yen.

定型 KIZパック
定型KIZ パック

New Fabric White Knitted Fabric

[Symbol KS-25]

Use: Features

Because it is a small size, small items and small parts etc.

Ideal for wiping work.

The size is from palm size to A4 size.


 100% cotton

Size 10 cm x 20 cm A4 size is also available.

Selling Price 5 kg pack 1,475 yen (excluding tax)

1kg 295 yen


New Fabric White Knitted Cloth Lap Stitch

[Symbol NK-3W]

Uses; Features

Although it is small in use, it has a large volume and is suitable for various purposes such as maintenance work. The feature is that small pieces of fabric are sewn together to a certain size and sewn in double layers.

100% cotton

Size about 28 cm x 28 cm

2KG Pack x 5 = 10KG

Selling price 3,450 yen (excluding tax) 1 kg 340 yen.


New Towel Cloth Rag

Symbol  DOT – 28 ]

Use: Features

A rag that is commonly used.

Suitable for fine wiping work at children's schools, homes, factories, etc.

You can use it as many times as you wash it.

100% cotton

Size 20 cm X 30 cm

10 sheets 1 pack

Selling price 340 yen (excluding tax) 34 yen per sheet


Balaclavas are mainly worn by those who do painting work.

By wearing it under a helmet or hat when working where dirt falls from overhead.

There is little damage.

Price: 10 - Sheet Pack 800 yen (excluding tax) 1 Sheet 80 Yen